Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyl

Funko first released Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyl in 2015. They had been long called for by Harry Potter fans across the world. They brought out a second wave in 2016 along with more exclusives. Harry Potter is one of my more favourite fandoms and I eagerly awaited these pops coming out! They haven’t really shot up too much in value either which is lucky for those without endless funds who want to complete this collection. As usual the exclusives such as Hot Topic are the ones where it will hit your wallet slightly harder but even they are not out of the price range.

Whilst the exclusives aren’t that expensive to locate within the states, those of us in the UK do struggle somewhat more to source them at similar prices. It is frustrating with lines such as Harry Potter or Dr Who when these are UK shows but still it’s the US that get the exclusives. We can but hope that Funko will eventually start to remember their UK fan base more as time goes on.

The most expensive Harry Potter Funko Pops at the moment are the 3 box set of the Cornish Pixie, Mandrake, and Grindylow which retails on average around the $45.00 (£36.50) mark. This is a San Diego Comic Con exclusive released for the event in 2016. I expect as these become harder to get they may well go up in price.

Since their original release there have been many other Harry Potter Funko Pops released and hopefully there will be many more to come as there are still many characters within the books that they could release.

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