Overwatch Funko Pop Vinyls

One of the newer franchises in the Funko Pop line is the popular video game from Blizzard – Overwatch. Overwatch Funko Pop Vinyls started as a small line, but over time due to the popularity of the games and also of the range (many of the figures are rare now, as they were on a fairly limited release), we’re already on wave 2 of the figures.

Overwatch is a FPS game released by Blizzard and was their first foray into the FPS market by the real-time-strategist specialist game maker. It is a small, team-based game that sees teams of 6 compete in matches. Matches are often attack vs. defense, capture points, or hybrid. It’s beauty in it’s simplicity – games are quick, and follow a simple set of rules, but it’s beauty is in the characters. At the time of writing 24 characters, in 4 different classes, are able to be picked. Each character has it’s own play style, strengths and weaknesses, and also difficulty of mastering.

Each character is unique and so recognisable so that, with the popularity of the games it lends itself to a merchandise range. And that includes Funko Pops! The Funko Pop range of Overwatch was launched with little fanfare but has grown to be one of the more popular ranges in the video game niche. Soon to follow were rare or exclusive Overwatch Funko Pop Vinyls such as the Tracer Loot Crate Exclusive or the Pharah BlizzCon Exclusive. The exclusives can go for a lot more than the standard range, by upwards for around £20 differences.

Overwatch Funko Pop Release Dates

Series 1 – 2016

Series 2 – 2017

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