Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop Vinyl

The Guardians of the Galaxy Pops are not a collection line of their own as they feature as a small part of the Marvel collection line. However they are one of my favourite lines!

These pops are not that expensive to add to your collection although they have recently fairly suddenly declined in numbers on the shop shelves. This will mostly be due to the fact that Marvel are about to release the 2nd film and with it will come the new line of Funko Pops – which I literally cannot wait for the new Groot Pops! I mean come on – he’s seriously cute!

Since the release of these pops in 2014 they have been a prominent feature on the shelves of most stores. Probably the most varied figure has been that of Groot with several exclusives including “Mossy Groot” which saw Groot covered in Moss and glowing in the dark, exclusive to Loot Crate subscribers. There have also been several variations of “Dancing Groot” in his pot. Along with the standard white pot came along exclusive red or blue pots as well. Due to the dwindling numbers on the shop shelves now, one can only assume these pops will start to now go up in price.

The most valuable Pop in this collection is the number 48 Rocket Raccoon flocked SDCC 2014 exclusive edition or the Star-Lord with Walkman . Both are currently valued at around $22.00 (£18.06) with some selling at prices as high as $32.95(£27.05). So this is a very reasonable and realistic section to add to your collection at the moment.

Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop Vinyl Release Dates

Series 1 – 2014 – 7 pops

Series 2 – 2015 – 7 pops

Volume 2 – 2017 – scheduled for 9 pops later this year

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