Dr Who Funko Pop Vinyls

The first series of Dr Who Funko pop Vinyls were released in 2015. Originally there were 9 Pops in the collection including a 6” Tardis. There were also nearly the same amount of exclusives released that year with 8 Pops between the SDCC exclusives to the Hot Topic exclusives and everything inbetween.

This line was a much awaited and demanded one for Funko Pop collectors and Dr Who fans alike. Whilst the Dr Who franchise was huge in the UK and has been for many years – it is only recently that it has picked up a sizeable following within the US, which could be something to do with why Funko held out on getting the licence and releasing these Pops. It seems that whilst something may be big in the UK that does not necessarily make Funko believe it will be worth branching into for them. Thankfully for Whovians young and old Funko eventually saw the light and brought these fantastic items to our collections!

Since the original 9 Pops that were released Funko have continued to release more characters or variations, including a materialising Tardis. Hopefully we will continue to see this collection expand as the TV series continues – although there is still a lot they could do with this as it is…. I am rooting for an Amy Pond Pop!!

The most valuable Funko Pop in this collection is number 239 Twelfth Doctor in a Spacesuit SDCC 2015 edition. At time of writing this the value is coming in at around $165.00 (£135.43) with some sales of $189.98 (£155.94) in the last 90 days (based on Pop Price Guide).

Dr Who Funko Pop Vinyls Release Dates

Series 1 – 2015 – 9 Funko Pops

Series 2 – 2016 – 6 Funko Pops

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