So I’m a huge fan of the Overwatch Series. The video game and the related merchandise around it has become highly sought after. The first season Overwatch Funko Pops had a run but was retired, which made them sought after collectables for fans of the game. The rarest appears to be a Tracer that only appeared in Loot Crates, and a Soldier:76 BlizzCon Exclusive Overwatch Funko Pops Season 2 has 6 characters, two 6″ Funko Pops and 4 of the regular sized ones.

Overwatch 6″ Funko Pops

The 2 6″ Overwatch Funko Pops in Season 2 are two of the tanks, D.Va and Reinhardt. Two of the more popular tanks from the series. D’va is quite a small Funko Pop Vinyl with her mech making the most of the vinyl whereas Reinhardt’s style is more in keeping with his own style, rather than the traditional Funko Pop Vinyl style. I like the fact that the tanks appear to be the ones that are becoming the 6′ Funko Pops – Winston was the previous Funko Pop that was 6″ in Season one.

I can definitely see myself getting the D.Va Overwatch Funko Pop. It would be my first 6″ one, but that’s because I’m a big D.Va main character.

Overwatch Funko Pops Season 2 – Regular Figures


There are 4 figures from season 2 that are the regular size, which makes some sense as Season 1 had six figures. These are Mei, McRee, Lucio & Symmetra. It is an interesting choice of character as some of them (Symmetra) aren’t that popular in-game. Though as a Symmetra Main I disagree! She also comes with one of her turrets and is seen in her post manipulating Hard Light, which is a nice touch! Both Symmetra and Lucio have similar translucency to what Tracer had too, which makes them more unique I find.

Strange that some of the more popular characters have been left out of Season 2 – in particular Mercy & Genji. I guess that would be Season 3!

This range is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017. For more information on the range, as well as where to get the season 1 range, please check out our Overwatch Funko Pop page.

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