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Disney was one of the earlier licences that Funko acquired. Which if you have ever tried to get a licence from Disney – is an achievement in itself! Due to the sheer volume of the Disney fandom this collection in its own is one of the most lucrative ones over the history of Funko Pops. It also holds some of the most valuable pops in its ranks as well.

Disney Funko Pops do get vaulted a lot quicker than some of the other Funko Pop lines. This could be due to Disney only allowing the licences for a certain amount of time, but whatever the reason this causes the prices to skyrocket on some of the harder to get Pops in the collections.

The Disney collection also has several small collections in each series and multiple exclusives. Its always a sure bet that anything Disney themed is going to be popular. Recent years have even seen the Disney Stores within the UK start to sell Funko Pops. Unfortunately for “in box” collectors like myself – the boxes aren’t always in the best condition from the Disney stores though. They seem to share the same opinion as Funko themselves in that the boxes are mearly packaging and irrelevant to the product. But any avid collector knows that it is valued higher if you have the original box in mint condition.

Disney is one of the collections with the most items in within the Funko range and I don’t expect that will change anytime soon. But be warned if you wish to start collecting these and complete the whole collection – you need to save up some serious dough first!

The most expensive Disney Funko pop at the moment is showing as number 50 Dumbo Clown SDCC 2013 edition. Only 48 were ever made so these are hard to come by. It is currently valued at around $2020.00 (£1658.02) with some selling for as much as $2400.00 (£1969.93).

Disney Funko Pop Vinyls Release Dates

Series 1 – 2011 – 12 Pops

Series 2 – 2011 – 12 Pops

Series 3 – 2012 – 12 Pops

Series 4 – 2012 – 12 Pops

Series 5 – 2013 – 12 Pops

After Series 5 Funko seemingly started to release in waves by films or groups, for example series 6 has several different collections within it. This makes it hard as there is no definitive list of everything included in series 6 and those in future releases. Safe to say they are still releasing Disney Pops and we expect to see more in 2017.

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