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Launching in 2007, Mass Effect in 10 years has grown to one of the largest and most popular sci-fi series of games out there. Made by Bioware, Mass Effect was born out of the Knights of the Old Republic series of games. Bioware had to create a whole universe of characters, stories and mythologies to stick into it’s robust engine. Boy, did they deliver.

Mass Effect’s story is spread over 3 games, each one sees you take control of Commander Shepard and a team of interplanetary warriors in their battle against the Reapers: a machine-like life that are hell bent on genocide. But the reapers aren’t the only problem, a universe of races with their own politics is out there. Effectively everybody needs to be brought onto the same page for the galaxy to be saved. The universe is revisited in the 2017 game: Mass Effect: Andromeda, that will see the now unified galaxy spread their wings, leave The Milky Way and head to another galaxy: Andromeda.

In creating their own Sci-Fi franchise, it’s no surprise that the franchise has expanded into a range of merchandise, from action figures to clothing embezzled with the “N7” Logo. So it’s no surprise that there is a Mass Effect Funko Pop line. The first wave featured 5 characters from Mass Effect 2: Grunt, Garrus, Tali, Miranda Lawson and the Male Commander Shepard, and came out around the time the game came out soon after the game in 2010. It’s been 7 years but wave 2 came out in 2017, focussing on characters from the new game: Jaal, Peebee, Liam Kosta, Sara Ryder and the range’s first 6” Pop – The Archon.

If you are a fan of games, the Mass Effect Funko Pop Vinyl range is a great set of collectables, and are now well sought after. Here are a few of the more collectable ones.

Mass Effect Funko Pop Vinyls Release Dates

Series 1 – 2011 – 5 Pops

Series 2 – 2017 – 8 Pops (3 location exclusive)

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