How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop

So, if you are new to collecting Funko Pops, or if you are a seasoned collector, you need to make sure that you look out for fake Funko Pops. There seem to be quite a few from China and Hong Kong being sold on the likes of eBay at the moment so I thought I [read more…]

Infographic – Most Expensive TV Funko Pops

One of the most popular lines to come from the Funko Pops range are TV Funko Pops. Whether they are Power Rangers, Big Bang Theory, Braking Bad or Doctor Who Funko Pops, TV Funko Pops are incredibly popular. With such a wide range, some are obviously more popular than others. Here are the Most Expensive [read more…]

What is the most expensive Funko Pop?

Well now this is a very interesting question, and one which will likely over time have a changing answer! There are quite a few noteworthy pops in the bracket of most expensive. You can break each category down to show which is the most expensive pop in each category… or you can just actually look [read more…]

A Look at Overwatch Funko Pops Season 2 – Coming Soon!

So I’m a huge fan of the Overwatch Series. The video game and the related merchandise around it has become highly sought after. The first season Overwatch Funko Pops had a run but was retired, which made them sought after collectables for fans of the game. The rarest appears to be a Tracer that only appeared [read more…]

Welcome to Buy Pop Vinyl Launch Competition

Welcome to Buy Pop Vinyl! We’re a brand new site dedicated to Pop Vinyls such as Funko Pop Vinyls, as well as other Pop Vinyls that we discover. This site will unearth deals on great Pop Vinyls, examine rare versions of Vinyls, how you can tell a real from a fake vinyl, as well as [read more…]