So one game I’ve been looking forward to for ages has been the latest game in the Mass Effect series: Andromeda. This game sees the continuation of Bioware’s headline franchise. I’ve been actively avoiding spoilers or any other facts about the game beyond watching a couple of trailers. I’m still so excited for it though!

So imagine my delight to discover that they are releasing Mass Effect: Andromeda Funko Pops! This range of Funko Pops are from the new game, and is the second wave of Mass Effect Funko Pop Vinyls, with Wave 1 being dedicated to characters from Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 6” Funko Pop Vinyl

There is only one Funko Pop in the Mass Effect: Andromeda 6” range, and that is the rather scary and imposing looking Archon. Without knowing too much about the game, but this could be the antagonist in this storyline arc. With an imposing figure and a distinct look, almost like the Collectors in Mass Effect 2, The Archon could be every bit as memorable as the Reaper. It looks almost Doctor Who Esque with the look!

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Sara Ryder Funko Pop Vinyls

The titular character – Sara Ryder – comes in three different variants from the Funko Page, they are the standard unmasked version, one with a helmet and one with the N7 armour. This makes it quite interesting – as will the N7 Initiative return for this game? One can only wait! As I own far too much clothing with the N7 logo on it, I love that one. Unfortunately the masked version is only at Gamestop and the N7 variant is only at Best Buy. These two are sure to be the most collectable on the range!

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Peebee Funko Pop Vinyls

Sara Ryder isn’t the only one to get a variant, as the first Asari Funko Pop is coming! Asari are a popular race in Mass Effect, and it was surprising that neither Liara or Samara got the Funko Pop treatment in Wave 1, but we are made up with 2 variants of PeeBee. It is suggested in her standard pop she is a Biotic character, and the exclusive at Target has a gun. The Target Exclusive may be rarer, but I much prefer the standard version.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Regular Funko Pop Vinyls

The other figures in the range are the regular Funko Pops, with no variants. Liam Kosta’s Funko contains 2 Omni-tools and could be an important character in the game, whereas Jaal is a totally unique new race. I wonder what his backstory is?

Mass Effect’s Funko Pops are some of my favourite, and are due to be released later this year. For more details on this range check out the Mass Effect Funko Pop Vinyl page.

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