Funko Pop Mugs

The last thing I will put on here are the Funko Pop Mugs. Whilst there are other items in the Funko range I won’t list them all here today. Watch out for future blog posts though where I will list some more!

The Funko Pop mugs are a lovely little novelty for a Pop collector. They usually retail between $10 (£8.21) and $15 (£12.31). The most valuable one is currently Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy – which is no surprise to myself being his biggest fan. This mug retails at an average of $17 (£13.95) but has seen some sold at as high as $41.80 (£34.31). If you have a Pop fan in your life then this is one set of mugs they would be happy to receive in the Secret Santa this year!

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