Funko Pop Keychains

There is a wide collection of Funko Pop Keychains in their own right and quite a lot of current collections now include at least a few keychains. There are also exclusive keychains such as the Doctor Who Adipose Glow in the Dark Hot Topic exclusive released in 2015. Whilst the keychains mirror their Pop ancestors they do not unfortunately mirror the values. They tend to hold their retail value and don’t really increase, or at least they haven’t as yet.

Most keychains retail around the $10 (£8.21) mark however there is one which is worth more. The most expensive keychain at the moment is that of Manny Pacquiao which was released in 2015. It is currently valued at around $35.00 (£28.73) but has sold for as much as $50.00 (£41.04).

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