Well now this is a very interesting question, and one which will likely over time have a changing answer! There are quite a few noteworthy pops in the bracket of most expensive. You can break each category down to show which is the most expensive pop in each category… or you can just actually look at the overall brand and see which is the most expensive. One of those options is a lot less time consuming than the other!

“Clockwork Orange” Glow in the Dark Chase Edition Funko Pop

So officially – based on the information on Pop Price Guide the most expensive pop is actually the original “Clockwork Orange” Glow in the Dark Chase edition pop. Only 12 of these were ever made and they were not sold on the general market. They were all given to people considered at the time to be Funko VIP’s. Therefore to come by one of these, well…. It just doesn’t really happen. Except once. I have seen just one listing for one on ebay in America which sold for $13,000.00. Yes you read that right. That is approximately £10,544.00, for a small 3.75” plastic figure. Now as much as I would love to own one of these in my collection – I don’t think I could ever justify spending that kind of money on a Funko Pop! If anyone out there takes a shine to me though and wishes to buy it for me, I would be happy with that! Whilst Funko have now released a newer version of the pop and it is on sale to the general public it is not the same. There also seems to be little information on the actual date of these original pops, but they date back definitely to before 2014. More likely to be closer to 2010/2011 really.

So if we take that Pop out of the equation, because let’s be honest – how likely is it that any of us are going to own it with there only being 12 in the world and they just don’t ever really get sold. Let’s go to the next on the list.

Tony Stark Metallic Freddy Funko figure

The 2nd most expensive Pop currently according to Pop Price Guide is from the Freddy Funko Collection. It’s the Tony Stark Metallic Freddy Funko figure. Again only 12 were ever made of this figure and it was exclusively made for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) in 2012. Its current estimated value sits at $3500.00 (£2838.64). Again as there are only 12 of these Pops in existence they are hard to come by with again just the 1 recorded sale on ebay showing where the figure sold at $3499.99 in May 2016. So the same as the Clockwork Orange Pops really – how likely are you to come across one of these in the wild??

Disney “Dumbo” Clown

Probably one that is more likely to be seen in collections now is the 4th on our valuable Pops list. It is the Disney “Dumbo” as a clown. Now still there are only a small number of these in circulation with only 48 having been made in 2013, again exclusively for SDCC. But I have seen some of these popping up (see what I did there?!) in some of the more hard core collectors. They have paid the price for them! Even though these are vastly cheaper than the Clockwork Orange Pops, they still cost a hefty $2020.00 (£1638.30) to own in your collection. And that’s an estimated value based on sales. The recent sales show they have gone for as much as $2400.00 (£1946.50). I have to say though – it is a cute Pop and as a Disney lover myself I would love to own this!

So in conclusion, Funko Pops are only ever worth what a buyer is willing to pay for them. One day the Funko Pop craze may die down a bit and they will become lesser in value making them more easily accessible to those who still want to collect. But at the moment Funko Pop fandom is showing no signs of slowing down or dropping off. Funko Pops will also vary in price depending on sales as that is how the average price/value for any pop is worked out. Based on what other people have paid for it in the recent past, and based on how rare the pop actually is. Those mass produced are likely to never really reach huge values because there were so many on the market. Also the Pops only really reach that value if they are still in their original packaging with no damage to the box, which in itself is an art form for those who buy online. Postal services are not always to kind to our Funko Pop boxes!! All I can say is if you do but a high value Pop online – make sure you have seen pictures of every bit of the box to check for damage, and get it sent in a plastic Pop protector and well packaged – better to be safe than sorry!


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