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Funko first started making the Star Wars pops early on in the Pop history and the Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyls line is one of their more lucrative and popular lines. With such a huge fan base Funko have released a lot of exclusive Pops into the collection and there are also quite a few exclusive to various sub boxes such as Loot Crate. They have also got the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty sub box which ships monthly within the US and Canada, here’s to hoping that they remember the UK collectors soon!

The first wave of Star Wars figures were released in 2011 and Funko have continued the licence to keep adding more to this ever popular fandom. Whilst there are additional items to the collection, like the “Super Sized” Wampa which is 6 inches in size, the majority of the collection are the standard Funko Pop size of 3.75 inches in size.

Series 1 had 6 Pops in it all of which now are fairly hard to come by in the original packaging. They are distinctive as they have the blue boxes with the white Star Wars logo on them. Although back in 2015 the did re-release these figures the were put in a different box, a black box with the Star Wars logo in yellow so that collectors can tell them apart. This gave collectors the chance to own the original Star Wars pops that they had not been able to easily locate up until that point.

Have you ever wondered why the Star Wars Funko Pops are mounted on a stand and none of the other Funko Pops are? Well this was down to the licencing laws. When Funko went to get the Star Wars licence Hasbro held an exclusive licence for Star Wars Action figures. Therefore the standard style of Funko Pops would come into direct competition and the licence could not be granted to Funko. Therefore to get around the licencing issues Funko agreed to make the Star Wars figures and mount them on a stand so they were not classed as action figures but as collectable statues instead! Clever huh?

As Star Wars is such a popular franchise you will continue to see Star Wars Funko Pops appear in lines with the new films that come out. The Star Wars collection is probably one of the bigger ones at the moment and continues to grow year on year, with many exclusives along the way as well.

The most expensive Funko Pop in the Star Wars collection at the moment is number 14 Shadow Trooper SDCC 2011 edition. There were only 480 of these made and they currently retail at in the region of $1550.00 to $1750.00. Which at the time of writing this – converts to £1272.24 – £1436.40.

Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyls release dates

  • Series 1 – 2011 – 6 Funko Pops
  • Series 2 – 2011 – 7 Funko Pops
  • Series 3 – 2012 – 6 Funko Pops
  • Series 4 – 2013 – 6 Funko Pops
  • Series 5 – 2014 – 7 Funko Pops
  • Series 6 – 2015 – 8 Funko Pops mostly Star Wars Celebration editions
  • Series 7 – 2015 – 5 Funko Pops
  • Series 8 – 2016 – 11 Funko Pops – The Force Awakens
  • Star Wars Rebels – 2016 – 6 Funko Pops
  • The Rogue One – 2016 – 10 Funko Pops

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